British director Matthew Vaughn wants to try his hand at some biblical material for his next film. According to THR, Vaughn and comics creator Mark Millar are thinking about re-teaming for another comic book adaptation. They previously worked on the upcoming film Kick-Ass which will open in theaters later this year. The project in question is called American Jesus, which is another one of Millar’s creations. Vaughn wants to direct and produce the film with his Marv Films partner Kris Thykier.

American Jesus centers on ”the return of Christ in the modern world, leading to a final confrontation with the Antichrist in a bid to save humanity.” The book originally appeared in 2006 as a three part series called “Chosen”. When Millar decided to continue the series as a trilogy miniseries he changed it to the overarching title American Jesus. The follow up to “Chosen” is entitled “The Resurrection” and will be released this fall. Vaughn is hoping for a summer production start for the film.

Mark Millar is one of the most popular comic writers around, and lately his work has been catching the eye of Hollywood. He is the creator of the graphic novel Wanted, which was turned into an action blockbuster last year. Besides his upcoming Kick-Ass, he has the film version of War Heroes in development over at Columbia Pictures. Vaughn on the other hand has been making his rounds in various genres of film. He helmed the acclaimed 2004 Daniel Craig film Layer Cake, as well as 2007′s Stardust with Claire Danes.

What do you think about Millar and Vaughn teaming up for American Jesus? Are you familiar with the series?