Actress Emily Blunt seems to be on the up and up after a tumultuous past few weeks. The actress recently had to forfeit a role in next year’s Iron Man sequel due to scheduling conflicts. The good news is that she’s staying proactive and showing no signs of slowing down. Blunt has just been cast in another sequel, but this one focuses more on comedy than action. According to /Film, Blunt will star alongside Russell Brand in the spin-off to last years hit, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

According to the site Brand will return as the outrageous rocker Aldous Snow, with Blunt starring as a ”pop musician” who may “duet” with him.  The word duet can be interpreted in so many different ways when Snow is concerned. Jonah Hill also returns for the movie, but he won’t be playing the same character he did in the original. In Sarah Marshall he was a waiter who was also an aspiring musician. This time around he’s a young record executive who has to care for Snow while he makes the trip from London to Los Angeles for an important performance.

I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I saw it opening night, and laughed myself to tears. I did enjoy Russell Brand’s scenes, and I’m wondering how his acting will mesh with Blunts. She can do both comedy and drama, but I’ve never seen her in anything nearly as wild as Sarah Marshall.

Do you think Blunt can handle her own against comedian Russell Brand?