Funnyman Bill Hader can soon be seen in this month’s Adventureland, and every week on Saturday Night Live. In the past two years Hader has been making his mark in feature film by popping up in such hits as Superbad and Tropic Thunder. According to FilmSchoolRejects he’s on his way to co-starring in another feature alongside British powerhouses Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

We previously reported that Pegg and Frost were teaming up for the Greg Mattola comedy Paul. The film centers on “two British comic book geeks who travel together across the United States, experiencing the highlights of American culture along the way.” Not only will the actors star in the film, but they also co-wrote the script. In a recent interview Hader spoke about Paul and the possibility of him making an appearance.

“Greg [Mottola], he’s the best,” Hader explained. “I’m actually, hopefully, gonna be in his next movie, which is called Paul, with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.”

The film is set for release next year, but no definite date has been given. There is also no news on what character Hader’s in the running to play, but whatever it is I’m sure he’ll be hilarious. Pegg, Frost, and Hader equal comedic gold in my eyes. Since Hader is currently wrapping up press for Adventureland he may drop more hints about his involvement with the project, but until then we’ll have to wait it out.

Do you want to see Hader join Pegg and Frost in Paul? Is this good casting or what?