According to FirstShowing, Simon Beaufoy, who took home the Academy Award for his screenplay adaption of Slumdog Millionaire, might already be writing Wolverine 2!

Doesn’t that seem a bit premature? There is no doubt that X-Men: Origins: Wolverine will be a huge success no matter how good or bad it is, but I feel a Star Wars prequel thing coming on here.

Beaufoy’s done numerous other projects, but he’s probably best known, aside from Slumdog, for 1997′s The Full Monty. David Benioff, writer of the first Wolverine film, is best known for his adaptations Troy (2004) and The Kite Runner (2007). It’s way too early to decide who is a better choice for writing; the film hasn’t even been shown yet. But, an Academy Award is hard for people to ignore; Benioff may have to sit this next one out.

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