There have been more rumors about this film than about Bigfoot. It seems like almost every A-list actor has been considered for the part. A while ago it was rumored that Sean Penn and Johnny Depp would be signing up for Larry and Moe in The Three Stooges update. Apparently, half of that rumor is true. The studio has just signed on Penn to play Larry. He will begin shooting as soon as he completes his work in his other more dramatic project Cartel. One thing is for certain, Penn is definitely running the gambit on movies, Milk, Cartel, and The Three Stooges. What’s next? A superhero?

Next in line, is the role of Curly. The studio is currently negotiating with Jim Carrey (a surprise choice) for him to play the role. Rumor has it that Carrey plans to gain 40 pounds to approximate the physical dimensions of Jerome “Curly” Howard. When did Carrey go method? Can’t they just use a fat suit?

Moe seems to be causing the most issues though…

About 5 years ago I remember hearing that George Clooney was going to play the role. Then in February, there were rumors that Johnny Depp was going to do it. Now Benicio Del Toro is the man currently being rumored for the role (and I thought Depp was an odd choice). Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it’s obvious that they’re going to have to do some re-inventing for any of these actors to work as Moe.

This film seems to be one of those projects that is forever talked about and never made. Last we heard the film was going to be released November 20 2009, and now we’re hearing that production will begin in early fall for release sometime in 2010. Peter and Bobby Farrelly have been trying to get the project off the ground for more than a decade and with three different studios, first Columbia, then Warner Bros., and finally (well he think finally) at MGM.

I won’t be satisfied until Cate Blanchett gets a role as one of the Stooges.

What do you think? Is a Stooges remake worth the hassle?