Do you see any physical resemblance between Bill Clinton and Dennis Quaid? I don’t, but the executives at HBO do. According to Variety, Quaid will star as Clinton in a TV special for the cable network. The film is entitled A Special Relationship and will cover “the unique and sometimes turbulent political relationship between the newly installed PM and the U.S. president.” By PM they mean the British Prime Minister Tony Blair who will be played by Michael Sheen (no surprise there).

Sheen has played Tony Blair twice before in The Deal and The Queen, but he won’t be the only one reprising his role. His Queen co-star Helen McCrory who played his wife Cherie Blair will once again star as Mrs. Blair alongside Sheen. They will be joined by Julianne Moore who will portray Hilary Clinton, which is a bold choice in my opinion. Kathleen Kennedy and Andy Harries will executive produce along with Peter Morgan. They are also looking for BBC to come on board as another producing partner.

The casting in this film talent wise is great, but I hope they have an amazing costume and make up department. This wont be the first time we have a reality based film where the actors look nothing like the real people. I think Quaid has the charisma to pull of Clinton, I’m just worried about his face. I just can’t see it. As far as I’m concerned Michael Sheen really is Tony Blair. I’ve seen him play the man so many times that I’m having issues blurring the line between him and the real thing.

Do you think Quaid and Moore can pull off Bill and Hilary Clinton?