revenge-nerdsAll Fool’s Day is fast approaching and I know you couldn’t be happier. When else will it be somewhat acceptable for you to mentally and physically torture your friends and loved ones? This is the day when we prank, lie, joke, demean, harass, and annoy all in the name of foolery. So, in anticipation of April Fools Day, I have gathered up some of the best movie pranks ever captured…

***Watch out as the jokes/pranks shown here escalate in their complexity and ingenuity.

Super Troopers

This scene is hilarious. So original.  And his delivery is so perfect. We can all learn a thing or two from this. Keep your game face on and never EVER, take it off.


We know that the intention of this prank was for the ghosts to get the breathing folks out of their home, but still if I had that kind of afterlife-like ability I would be possessing people and dancing them all over the place. In the ghosts defense, the living ones did look a bit scared and concerned for a minute. Take that, unwanted guests! (Awesome song too)

Revenge of the Nerds

This is where the pain comes in. Nothing speaks louder than the nervous system. The nerd gang has the smarts and they use it wisely. They know exactly where that liquid heat has gotta go. Those jocks didn’t know what hit ‘em. Burn.

A Clockwork Orange

Classic prank. The old “push ‘em in a pool of water then, while they’re kind of drowning, unsheathe the cane-sword.” It’s an oldie, but a goodie. My granddad taught me that when I was 5. It’s a pretty popular prank, but I can’t help using it every year.


This one is my second favorite prank of all. It’s pretty incredible. There’s a good return of pranking in this one. First the blood, which is the best prom-joke of all time. Then Carrie goes all black-magic and turns the place into roaring laugh-house. Good Stuff.


This practical joker really knows his stuff. Consider all the planing he needed to do for this. If you haven’t seen this, check it out; he’s pranking the shit out of people the entire time! It’s so layered. He makes a high art out of it. I mean, the seven deadly sins? how do you beat that. And none of them ever expect it. This last one though, thats the real kicker. He even throws himself in the mix. Thats some serious stuff.