I’ve got some good news and some bad news for Transformers fans. When Paramount announced that there would be a third film, it seemed as if they jumped the gun on a lot of things. For one, director Michael Bay blasted the studio for setting a premature release date for the flick. Bay stated that he agreed to directing the film for 2012 not 2011 as reported. If that wasn’t bad enough none of the cast from the first two films were attached at the time of the announcement. The only other thing that would make me more nervous about Transformers 3 is if the original writers dropped out. Wait a minute……..

According to the Robert Murphy Forums screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman might not come back for a third round of Transformers action.

“Time for fresh blood!” writes Orci. “The main reason we would move on is because we risk getting stale and comfortable. If you only sing one song for too long, you miss the opportunity to sing new songs. We’ll see.”

It looks as if these are two Hollywood writers who won’t cave for money. I like how Orci gives a metaphor as to why they wouldn’t return the third film, but he still leaves the option open. I’m really surprised that this much backtracking has been made with this movie,and its not even in pre-production yet. I wonder if Paramount even considered anyone else’s schedule before setting the film’s release date.

On a lighter note, according to /Film Leonard Nimoy aka the original Spock from Star Trek could turn up as a featured voice in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as the Fallen! Nimoy starred in the original 80′s cartoon where he voiced the character Galvatron. Orci spoke out about the status of Nimoy returning for the big screen version.

“I actually talked to him about it, given the odd coincidence that he is Michael Bay’s cousin through marriage, but fan outcry has also put Welker in the running.”

Even though Nimoy’s got familiar relations on his side, there’s been an outcry for fan favorite Frank Welker to get in on the action as well. Welker also did voice work on the original series as Megatron, Soundwave, and Galvatron.

Do you want the original writers to return for the third film? Who should voice the Fallen, Nimoy or Welker? Let the battle begin!

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