We sat down with Seth Rogen today at a press junket to talk about his upcoming film with Director Jody Hill, Observe and Report, in which he plays a completely messed up mall cop. The film is like Paul Blart on cocaine, crack and meth all at once (can you mix those?). We’ll have the full interview up soon, but in the meantime, we had a chance to ask Rogen a few Green Hornet questions and thought you’d like the news as quickly as possible.

Check out what he had to spill below…

Is Stephen Chow still going to be Kato in your upcoming film the Green Hornet?

Seth: Honestly, we’re not 100% on that right now. He might be, he might not be. That’s where we’re at. We have no contract in place. But, he could be. It’s a distinct possibility. I wouldn’t rule it out. Don’t be shocked.

Will you have the beard in the movie?

Seth: I don’t know. There’s not a lot of superheroes with facial hair, so that could be a fun twist on it.

You’re a successful movie star and yet you still choose to write films, do you do it because you enjoy the process or because you like to control the work you perform?

Seth: Yeah. We’re writing The Green Hornet. It’s not about control. We just enjoy writing. That’s how we started. To me, the most fun element of what I do is just sitting and writing the screenplays. That’s the most fun thing to do, for me.

With a lack of good screenwriting out there, do you feel like you have to create the characters that you want to play?

Seth: Yeah, I totally think that’s true. Honestly, I wish I was sitting there today and someone sent a script that was hilarious to me, and I read it and thought, “This is amazing! Perfect! I’ll go do it!” But, that just doesn’t happen. We started writing, in the first place, because we were like, “No one’s making the movies we want to see. Fuck, do we have to do it? I guess we do!” That’s still how we feel. If someone else was writing this Green Hornet movie, that would be great. I’d sign on and do it. But, no one else is writing it, so we have to do it.

That’s it for now. Sorry it’s not more, but I’m sure we’ll have more for you soon!

Someone else asked him about his weight and all I have to say is does anyone give a fuck? The guy makes great movies, leave it there.