I feel as if I can breathe a sigh of relief regarding Academy Award winning actor Anthony Hopkins. When I saw him earlier this year at the SAG and Academy Awards he looked a bit off. He looked sick almost, and I began to worry. I hoped that he was getting in character for a role that would explain his new look, and I think that was the case. According to EW, Hopkins has officially signed on to star in the biopic of legendary writer Ernest Hemingway. We reported on the film a while back when it was in the earlier stages of development.

There were rumors swirling around that Hopkins was loosely attached to star in the feature, but no confirmation was ever given. EW says that the actor will star in the film entitled Hemingway & Fuentes which will be produced and directed by Andy Garcia. Garcia will be wearing several hats for this project as he co-wrote the script and will star alongside Hopkins as Gregorio Fuentes. Fuentes is said to have been the inspiration behind the sea captain Santiago who is featured in Hemingway’s story The Old Man and the Sea. The other writer of the film’s screenplay is Hilary Hemingway, the niece of Ernest and an author in her own right.

Other casting prospects include Annette Benning in the role of Mary Welsh, Hemingway’s wife. The offer is still on table for the actress to join, and I hope she does. Benning is so talented and she deserves a role that will bring her home the gold. Am I the only who noticed that both times Hilary Swank won her Oscars Benning was unfortunately nominated that same year?

According to Andy Garcia’s agent Clifford Stevens this project has been in the making for years. It is a “labor of love” for the aspiring director. Garcia is another passionate actor who never got the attention he deserved. If this film is done right it can be a beautiful homage to a talented man, and showcase some of Hollywood’s finest.

Do you think Hopkins can pull of Ernest Hemingway? Who else would you consider for the part?