After recently releasing the first poster for Where the Wild Thing Are, and with rumors floating around about a soon to be released trailer, USA Today has just released four new photographs of Director Spike Jonze‘s new film.

Jonze spoke to USA Today about how the book influenced him as a child and inspired him to create the movie. He said “As a kid, I just connected to it. I wanted to hear it over and over…It’s like trying to explain why you love somebody. To me, the Wild Things are both cuddly and dangerous. I wanted to climb atop of them like Max.” Apparently, Jonze, has known the author of the book Maurice Sendak, since 1995, when they originally tried to make the film. Sendak has supported the adaptation, and although he “had strong opinions” he ultimately told Jonze to “Make something personal to you.’”

Apparently the film version will give us some details about Max’s home life and why he felt he had to escape to a magical place. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but the photos sure do look amazing! Check them out below…

What do you think? Do these images remind you of the book?