Sam Raimi is in the business of making franchises that stick. We all know that he and film star Tobey Maguire have signed on for a fourth Spiderman film, and now we may see the same revival for Raimi’s Evil Dead series. According to MTV, the director is planning on a fourth installment whether long time collaborator Bruce Campbell wants to star in it or not. Last year Campbell dispelled rumors regarding his involvement with the new Evil Dead by saying, “I think there should be an end to everything.” Too bad for him because Raimi disagrees.

Bruce Campbell spoke as if the Evil Dead ship had sailed, and he had no desire to return to the film or his character Ash.

“I mean, did anyone really want ‘Indiana Jones 4′? The answer is no. I’ve taken a poll in about seven theaters now. Of 300 people, three hands go up. You are bound to disappoint.”

Director Sam Raimi isn’t taking no for an answer. When he spoke at the Drag Me to Hell panel at SXSW he was more than adamant about Campbell’s return.

“He can dream all he wants. He’s trying to get out of getting back in shape,” he smiled. “I’m going to kick his butt in shape. I’m gonna say ‘get back in the chainsaw!’”

The real question here is will the movie really happen? We hear directors talk all the time about revamping franchises, but they don’t always materialize. Raimi says he does want to make the film, but it will have to take a backseat to Spiderman 4.

“Every time I say I would like to [revisit the films], people say, ‘where the hell is it!?!’ But I’m just glad people are still interested. But yes, I would really like to do [another ‘Evil Dead’ film]. I’ve just got a commitment to make ‘Spider-Man 4’ right now though.”

I’m always weary of any film that goes beyond trilogy status. They rarely and I mean RARELY turn out great, but there is that part of me that misses Ash. Campbell isn’t in the same physical condition he was in last time around, and I don’t want my image of that character to be tainted. I feel like I’m torn between the need to feed my Evil Dead nostalgia and good old fashioned logic.

Do you want to see an Evil Dead 4? Do you agree with Bruce Campbell’s view on the whole thing?