The Internet really is amazing. You can find out loads of useless and semi-useless information, you can meet new people, and you can shop. My favorite thing about the Internet is the latter, not only because it has everything, but if you dig deep enough, you can find almost anything you want for cheap. Plus, who doesn’t love a package coming in the mail with new stuff that they know they got for less then going out to store for?

There are so many website with lots of DVDs on sale. But we’ve rounded up the best picks for the best prices. Check them out below…


Under $10

My pick out of the Under $10 bin is Shaun of the Dead. It’s funny. You can watch it with friends or by yourself on a lonely Friday night or a hung over Saturday morning…


This is a tough category. You can’t go wrong with any of these, but if we have to pick, it’s going to be Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m guessing that this is probably the least watched out of the bunch, which is why you need to buy it. The visuals in the movie are some of Guillermo del Toro‘s finest. It’s really a masterpiece. I dare you not to hum the theme when it’s over…

Box Sets

This is a little more obvious. You have to go with Dirty Harry. It’s Clint Eastwood for goodness sake!

Blu-Ray Discs:

Under $10

I know I’m not a Rambo fan, but this is one of Schwarzenegger’s finest films. “If I’m not me, who the hell am I?” That’s it Governator, you try and act.


Again, another tough category, but I’m going to have to go with American Psycho because it’s one of my top ten favorite films of all time…


This is easy. The only REAL film out of the bunch….

Which DVD do you want to buy?

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