Is Chris Pine becoming the go to guy for portraying iconic characters? He stars as a young James T. Kirk in this summer’s Star Trek and according to LatinoReview we may see him in another fanboy favorite. Rumors have been swirling about who will star as the lead in the comic book adaptation, Green Lantern. I’ve heard everything from Ryan Gosling to Anton Yelchin, and now Chris Pine can be added to that list. I haven’t been taking most of these reports too seriously but according to a close source Pine has a legitimate chance at landing the coveted role.

The statement that’s floating around the net comes from a Green Lantern insider who states, THE OFFICIAL OFFER is out on Chris Pine for the role.” Yet, at press time Pine had neither accepted nor declined the part, so it’s still up in the air. From the details given on IESB, the young actor fits the producers description of Hal Gordon/Green Lantern to a T. They want someone under 30, who has leading man good looks, and can carry a franchise. Check, check and check!

All this time I thought Christian Bale was the only contemporary actor who could pull off playing more than one iconic character in film. I think once Star Trek hits theaters we’ll start getting some really answers as to whether this is true or not. All we can do now is wait.

Do you think Chris Pine can fill the shoes of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern?