During a recession one of the safest, most bankable ways to insure success at the box office is by producing a remake or a sequel. This method also works for people who’s careers have taken a recent nose dive. We all know that Tom Cruise has been having issues with pulling in audiences these past few years. He used to be one if not the most bankable star in Hollywood. His latest release Valkyrie went completely unnoticed and received mixed reviews. The only bright spot he’s had is from last year’s Tropic Thunder, and he wasn’t even the headliner. According to AICN, Cruise is about to strap on his harness and headset to star in fourth installment of his Mission Impossible franchise. Will it be the remedy to his career woes?

While recently overseas, Cruise appeared on a popular television show in Japan. There he told the studio audience that MI:4 was in development. Check out the little tidbit below.

Tom Cruise was on the popular SMAP SMAP program here in Japan (HERE), and when asked about the Mission Impossible franchise he revealed that he has started work on the fourth installment…he’s working on the story right now.  He also commented that during his visit here he’d been thinking about how to stage a big action sequence in downtown Tokyo..dunno if he was just being polite, but sounds like a cool setting for the series, what?

If this is true I might scream… in horror. I thought the first Mission Impossible was okay, but not amazing. MI:2 was my favorite. I loved the story, loved the action, and most importantly loved John Woo’s direction. MI:3 was alright. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. I really think the franchise has peaked. If Cruise uses this as a means to relaunch his box office dominance he’s going to need more than a resuscitated franchise to do so. He’ll have to compete with the likes of his good friend Will Smith, which won’t be an easy feat.

Would you pay to see Mission Impossible 4? Do you think they should make another one?