Last month we reported on an untitled SNL infused comedy that features a who’s who of comedic actors. As of today that roster just got a whole lot prettier. According to Variety, Academy Award nominated actress Salma Hayek has signed on to co-star in the film. Hayek will join Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James and Rob Schneider in the feature that will be directed by Dennis Dugan. As if there wasn’t already enough comedic talent in this film, two more Saturday Night Live veterans have joined the cast as well.

Find out the latest additions after the jump.

Maya Rudolph, who starred on SNL for 8 seasons has been cast as the wife of Chris Rock. Colin Quinn who lasted 5 years on the sketch show, also landed a part but the details on his role are hush, hush.  Salma Hayek’s character will be the spouse of Sandler, who also co-wrote the script. His Sony-based Happy Madison banner is producing the film, which should start filming this summer.

The plot of the movie centers around five high school friends, Sandler, Rock, Spade, James and Schneider who reunite after 30 years to celebrate fourth of July weekend together. I’m very weary of anything that has Kevin James in it, but the other featured talent eases my apprehension. Maya Rudolph is ridiculously funny and she doesn’t get enough big screen roles thrown her way. I personally enjoyed her performance in Idiocracy.

So far, this film looks like it has all the makings to be a success. Am I wrong for having enjoyed Sandler and Rock in The Longest Yard remake? I thought it was pretty funny. I think they have good comedic chemistry together. Hayek is an interesting choice for this, but I thought she did good job as the Muse in the ensemble comedy Dogma as well as in her recent appearances on “30 Rock.”

What do you think about the newest additions to the latest Sandler pic?