Iron Man

In recent months Marvel Studios has been on the receiving end of a lot of insults. Due to the handling of their upcoming film slate, many die hard fans are growing uneasy with their inability to produce a steady roster. Iron Man 2 has been the biggest punching bag of all the properties because of their casting issues. I know I’ve voiced my opinion on the topic more than once, and so have many of you. According to IESB, Marvel will finally give us some legitimate answers regarding the status of Iron Man 2. It’s just a matter of time.

While out promoting his latest acting role in the upcoming comedy I Love You Man director Jon Favreau broke the news that Marvel will be making a big announcement that will hopefully satisfy fans.

We are shooting Iron Man 2 in three weeks, we start shooting, we’re rehearsing now. Our main cast is all lined up, everybody’s deals are signed. Marvel’s about to make some announcements and I think everybody is going to be happy when they hear who we got and we’re just working really hard to get this movie ready for next summer.

As for the casting of Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johannson, Favreau pretty much confirmed Johannson’s involvement, but played it coy when referring to Rourke.

Well, I hear Mickey’s been in Russia doing research for a role, I can confirm that, we haven’t made any official announcements yet. But I will say there is a Russian villain in our film. Scarlett is somebody I’ve been wanting to work with for a while, she’s a great actor, we’ve been talking for a while and we haven’t announced anything yet but I’ll tell you she hadn’t screen tested or anything but I met with her and hopefully we’ll be getting everything settled so we can make some announcements this week.

Why the games? Is Rourke involved or not? Several respectable trade magazine have already confirmed he’s in it so what’s with the runaround? This upcoming  announcement that Marvel’s dangling over our heads better be worth the wait. Favreau’s adamant that we’ll like what the studio has to say about the film, but if Johannson is in fact Black Widow I’m not impressed. No specific date has been given as to when this new info will be released, but as soon as it’s available I’ll be all over it. Check back here for the latest Marvel movie updates!

What do you think Marvel has in store for Iron Man 2? Are you anxious or apprehensive about the big announcement?