Universal Pictures wants to send you to hell, and they’ve found just the person to help them do it! For a while now there has been talk about a Dante’s Inferno feature film to be based off of the upcoming video game of the same name. It was a shaky development at first, but according to Variety it just got a huge jolt of stability. Universal has hired writer Dan Harris to pen the script for the adaptation’s screenplay based on the Electronic Arts video game.

Harris is best known for co-writing Superman Returns and X2: X-Men United. I’m going to let the Superman script go considering how involved Bryan Singer was with every element of it’s production.  X2 was pretty good, but he was only part of the puzzle on that one. Either way he’s going to have Dante’s Inferno all to himself, and he’ll be the only one to blame if the script is less than stellar. But then again has any video game adaptation ever been truly amazing?

The game Dante’s Inferno hasn’t even been released yet, and it already has a film deal. Universal acquired the film rights before the game even had an official title! What’s with that? Have we ruined everything that’s currently in distribution? Are we forced to attack projects before their even fully developed?

Are you interested in a Dante’s Inferno feature film or is it to early to tell?