If you haven’t been informed of the casting bits surrounding the upcoming romantic comedy Leap Year, I’m about to break it down. Last month Variety reported that Watchmen alum Matthew Goode had been cast in the film to star opposite, Amy Adams. Adams will play a woman who travels to Ireland to find her boyfriend. Once she’s there she plans on proposing to him, but due to bad weather she gets lost and needs help from a native, cue Goode. Goode will play an Irish innkeeper who will be Adam’s cross-country guide. Who will play the role of the missing boyfriend you ask? According to Cinemablend, Adam Scott that’s who!

Adam Scott has just signed on to co-star in Leap Year, and will join Goode and Adams when the film starts shooting on location this month. If you don’t recognized Scott’s name you’d probably know his face. He’s been around for a long time, with supporting roles in Step Brothers, Knocked Up, and most recently The Great Buck Howard. He is an amazing actor and has great comedic timing. He has that witty, smart ass type of delivery that everyone tries to pull of but can’t. I didn’t want to go back this far, but he played Griff during the last high school year of the TV series Boy Meets World. Does that ring a bell?

Leap Year, will be directed by Anand Tucker with a script written by Harry Elfont and Doug Kaplan. Hopefully this movie will give people and opportunity to see Matthew Goode in a different capacity than what was shown in Watchmen. That was his first big picture, and a lot of people were turned off by his performance. It didn’t bother me as much, but to each his own.

What do you think of the latest casting for Leap Year? Do you think Matthew Goode can redeem himself?