Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke isn’t feeling depressed about being ousted from the vampire film’s trilogy, because she’s already got a new gig! According to THR, Hardwicke is nearing a deal to direct Maximum Ride, an adaptation of the fantasy book series of the same name. John Patterson created the sci-fi series back in April of 2005, which is currently still in print. The film’s screenplay is being written by Don Payne, who wrote the script for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. His involvement doesn’t impress me much, but I’ll keep an open mind.

Maximum Ride centers on a group of teenagers called “The Flock.” Each member of the team is a genetically engineered half bird, half human hybrid. Laced with the gift of flight, they escape from the laboratory where they were created and go on the run. The villains in the books are called “Erasers.” They are sent as bounty hunters to collect and return the Flock back to the lab. Similar to Twilight they have some wolf action going on. Erasers are also hybrids, but instead of a bird they’re part human and part wolf.

Since this is a film adaptation regarding mutants of some sort, it’s no surprise that Marvel‘s Avi Arad is all over this. He has signed on a one of the film’s producer’s, along with Patterson who will executive produce.

I’m happy that Catherine Hardwicke isn’t twiddling her thumbs waiting for a new project to come along. It looks as if she’s sticking with that coveted teen demographic that she’s been so successful with. Besides Twilight, the director has previously worked on two other youth centered films, Thirteen and Lord’s of Dogtown.

Do you think Catherine Hardwicke’s the right choice to direct Maximum Ride? Would you go see it?