Sam Raimi is set to spin another thread in the already dense web of Spider-Man flicks.

The director announced last week that Spider-Man 4 will be released May 6, 2011, but shot down reports that Sony Pictures was working on the fifth installation of the series simultaneously. Raimi said that he and the production team “are in the earliest stages of working with the writer, trying to work out a story,” but still no details on the villains or basic plot points.

He might be pushing it with a fourth (and fifth!) Spider-Man film, but the director has a fail-safe: more Evil Dead.

Raimi already mentioned at last year’s Comic-Con that he would enjoy making another Evil Dead film, so IGN managed to snag him for an interview at SXSW for an update on prospects for the franchise:

I have talked with my partners about having a young director come in and remake Evil Dead,” Raimi said. “That film was made in 16mm on a shoestring budget and blown up to 35mm. The visual effects are crumby, it was done in mono, not even stereo, let alone 5.1. What you could do with it now would be so much better. I think if you had a new director using the full power of 35mm and 5.1 sound, you could really make a pretty socko presentation. It was always meant for the big screen, but never really seen on the big screen.”

There hasn’t been time to pen a script (between all the Spider-Man movies), according to Raimi, but based on what he said, it sounds like he thinks it would be a fun idea, but the talk of a different director may indicate that he’s moved on. True, a revamped remake of Evil Dead of Evil Dead II would be killer (pun intended), but a Raimi-directed Evil Dead 4 would be gorious… I mean glorious.

What should be Raimi’s next move with the Evil Dead franchise? Would a remake cut it?