Over the weekend we sat down with Ryan Reynolds at a press junket for Adventureland and before you knew it started talking about Wolervine: Origins. A while ago, we talked about the Wolverine re-shoots, apparently, we were wrong about those. They weren’t re-shoots they were just Ryan Reynolds catching up because he had missed most of the shooting due to another independent project we was working on.  Reynolds also clarifies the rumor about them adding more Deadpool to the film and a possible future for the character. A long time ago Deadpool was supposed to be it’s own movie, but never set sail, but now that Wolverine has done it, maybe there will be more of a future for Deadpool.

Check out what Reynolds had to say about Wolverine below…

Can you tell us anything about your character in the upcoming Wolverine film?

Extensively I play two characters in the film, I play a guy named Wade Wilson who because a character named Deadpool. I don’t really consider the character of Deadpool in this film, to be the Deadpool that everybody knows and loves, I consider him to be the creative that eventually will become Deapool, sort of a prelude to Deadpool.

What was it like working on the film?

It was incredible. You think about going into a film like that with a group of a lot of very strong personalities and what’s that going to be like especially in a film that’s sort leans towards an ensemble but is really focused on Hugh Jackman. It was incredible. I was so shocked to see how chummy it was on set. You know, everybody was united by this common goal of lifting more weight then the guy next to you on your days off. You had this healthy competition and an lot of ribbing and joking around. It was so much fun. I’ve never done a movie of that scale or scoop. And with all the special effects and the make-up. My character is scared all over his body. I was really cool. I was a lot of fun to do.

Are you a comic book fan?

I was a fan of the Deadpool comic books only because somebody turned me onto them when they handed me one where someone asks the character of Deadpool what he looks like under the mask and he says, ” I look like a cross between a Sharpe and Ryan Reynolds”. I was like “what the…? Who is this guy?” So I started reading them all and I loved it. Just the pop culture references. I love that he’s a character that knows he’s in a comic book. It’s completely bizarre. I hope we can make it it’s own movie, because it would be pretty interesting, it would be very difficult to do, but it would be a lot of fun.

How did you get the role of Deadpool in this film?

I had been approached to do Deadpool’s own stand alone movie before that and it never really got off the ground. It was a time when comic book movies were a little more dysfunctional. Some worked and some didn’t. Now it seems like you’re nobody unless you’ve played a comic book character. Really, it’s, its own genre. Fox just came to me and asked if I would do it and I said “absolutely.” It was more of a cameo than anything else. I was already signed on to do this film called Paperman, that was more important than life itself. I signed on to do that, so I couldn’t be there for a lot of the principal photography, so we ended up shooting my stuff — well people thought that there where re-shoots, but actually I was just finishing the film. People were saying that they were adding all of this Deadpool stuff that hadn’t previously been there, but that wasn’t the case I just hadn’t shot my part yet.

So, there are your answers. Just re-shoots people. Although, it does sound like Reynolds would love to lead his own Deadpool film. A lot of that will be riding on how successful Wolervine: Origins is and how good he is in the film.

I personally think he could lead a comic book film though. Do you?