Jennifer Aniston will be starring in Stephen Belber’s new romantic comedy Management. She plays Sue Claussen, a cheap art dealer, who finds herself in a love triangle between her rich boyfriend played by Woody Harrelson and Steve Zahn’s sweet but underachieving assistant motel manager. Will Aniston ever find true love?

It looks like a typical rom-com, but more extreme. “Extreme” here means “physical stunts.” I wasn’t too impressed with the first half of the trailer; Steven Zahn asking to touch someone’s butt is almost as bad as Jennifer Aniston agreeing to let Steve Zahn touch her butt. Also, Steve Zahn playing an underachiever? That’s hardly groundbreaking. The same could be said about Aniston’s character… she rarely steps outside the girl-next-door-object-of-affection sort of role.

Still, it looks sweet, and that crazy Dr. Seuss-esque bicycle might make it worth seeing…

What did I tell ya? Isn’t that bike amazing?

How do you think the film will be? An overdone, typical rom-com in which Girl leaves Guy With Everything for the Lovable Idiot? Or does this movie look like an original twist on the whole Boy Meets Girl plot?