I have to be honest. I was at a junket for Adventureland but I didn’t actually ask Kristen Stewart any questions because she appeared so nervous that all I wanted to do was make her a cup of tea and tell her that we weren’t all out to get there. That being said she was able to confirm that New Moon is on it’s way, they’re currently in pre-production and that she and Dakota Fanning will be appearing in The Runaways in a rather “adult” scene.

Check out what she had to say below…

How is it coming with New Moon? Have you started?

We’re in pre-production, so we’ve started establishing looks and dynamics and they’re all flying. I mean, I’m excited to get back into it, we’re just going to pick up where we left off. I’m not trying to get into a new head space for a new time. I’m excited because the story is kind of scaled down a little bit. He leaves her and that’s what the entire first movie is based on. So when you take that away, there is still a story, which I think is impressive. It’s not JUST these two characters that make it. She’s solitary and she’s like entirely depressed and she matures.

Taylor Lautner is still playing Jacob. And he’s buff too (sarcastically) because that’s so important! He’s so good. Unless we had a counterpart that was going to briefly outshine what was so great in the first one, that would be a feat, and I think that he’s got it. So I can’t wait to see how he’s able to pull her out of what he does, she’s like a zombie and he’s like the light. It’s like such a tragic story, because it’s like, that’s who I should be with, but I’m totally in love with the guy I shouldn’t be with!

Do you have issues with any female fans?

I have a lot of girls that are like in love with me. That’s funny. Because I thought that it was going to be the opposite, I thought that they would hate me because I’m in the optimum position. It’s all an illusion.

What are you excited about for playing Joan Jett in The Runaways?

All of it. It’s a big job. I’ve never played a real person before. I’ve played parts that were very personal for a lot of people. On this one, there’s the personal responsibility for the character and there is also somebody who this means so much to. That period of her life was so important for her. It kick started her whole career. Like everything that she cares about and loves. It’s very important, so I’m nervous and intimidated but that’s like the best way to feel before you do a movie. I’m excited about the music. I excited about Dakota playing Cheri Currie. It’s intense. I’m going to cinematically de-flower Dakota Fanning.

Well then. I guess that confirms that Fanning and Stewart will be in two films together, New Moon and The Runaways. Not too bad for either of the ladies.

What do you think, does this make the next Twilight film more appealing to you? Or did the first one scar you forever? And how do you feel about Stewart “de-flowering” Fanning? I can’t help but feel like Fanning is still too young for that!