drinkinggames09-3-13St. Patrick’s Day is near approaching, and what more can one expect of this day than binge drinking!? That is why we have piled up some of our favorite movie drinking games.

Below are 6 amazing films for drinking games with all the “rules” easily explained (just in case you’re already a bit tipsy).

Check them out now…

6. Swingers

An amazing comedy, this one follows a group of guys swinging and being fucking hilarious. Mike (Jon Favreau) hasn’t gotten over the fact that his girlfriend left him, so his friends take him out to meet women. Vince Vaughn (as Mike’s friend Trent) steals every scene he is in. This movie could only get funnier with booze.

Drink when:

  • Anybody says “money”
  • Anyone hits on somebody
  • Mike’s ex-girlfriend is referenced
  • Bonus: If you’re a big drinker you can add “baby” but BE WARNED!

5. Heathers

If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it now! This movie is one of the best dark comedies to come out of the 80’s. Plus Christian Slater (bad-ass) is in it. This movie follows a high-school couple as they slowly slip into an addictive habit of offing the popular students at school (i.e. girl clique by the name of “the Heathers,” among others).

Drink when:

  • Anyone says the name “Heather”
  • Anyone dies.
  • Christian Slater (bad-ass) raises one of his perfect eyebrows.

4. Pulp Fiction

I know you’ve seen this tough neo-noir film, as well you should’ve. There are a few different stories that interweave here in a non-linear fashion (depending on how drunk you get, this is potentially confusing). The characters are all colorful and even funnier when you’re inebriated. There are a number of things you could cue to in this, but really, you only need the first one and, chances are, you still probably won’t finish the entire movie.

Drink When:

  • Anyone says, “Fuck” (you may want to do every five “fucks”)
  • Anyone smokes
  • Anytime the briefcase is mentioned or seen

3. Princess Bride

I’m sure you all know this movie, and if you don’t like it then there is something wrong with your brain. Get it fixed. This movie is the adventure filled quest of a man who fights to get to the woman he loves. He sword fights, wrestles Andre the giant, treks through a haunted forest, and comes back from being mostly-dead just to rescue her.

Drink when:

  • Inigo says, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my …” (You know it)
  • Someone says, “As you wish.”
  • The movie cuts from the story to present time, or vice versa
  • There is a sword fight.
  • Buttercup has a dream.

2. Young Frankenstein

Here is another classic that has been splitting sides for decades. Mel Brooks’ take on the horror legend Frankenstein is an essential viewing experience. It follows the famously cursed Dr. Frankenstein’s nephew, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder), in an obsessive mission of creating life from dead tissue and then caring for his results. This one will get you so drunk you’ll forget that you’re watching a comedy.

Drink when:

  • There is Thunder/lighting
  • The Creature grunts
  • Someone says, “Doctor”
  • Someone says, “Frankenstein”
  • Someone says, “Frau Blucher”

1. Wild Zero

This one is a bit obscure and extremely campy, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. This Japanese cult film follows a group of rock and roller kids who must fend for their life against zombies! They need help and they get it from none other than the real-life band Guitar Wolf (the Japanese version of the Ramones). This rompin’ gem of a movie even has the drinking game built into the DVD special features. Follow this game and you’ll be just like one of the undead!

Drink when:

  • Someone in the movie drinks
  • Someone combs their hair.
  • Someone says, “Rock and Roll!”
  • Fire comes out of something
  • Something explodes
  • A zombie head pops

(Believe it or not, there are better scenes. You really have to see it to believe it.)

And, if we haven’t mentioned a movie that you care to watch, you can make your own game. The idea is simple. First you pick a movie that you and your buddies can almost recite. After you pick your movie, pick something that reoccurs in the movie to drink to. And it doesn’t have to be one thing. It can be as many as you want. But be warned, going through an entire movie with that many cues could be dangerous. Then again, isn’t that what St. Patty’s day is all about?

For more of these drinking games go to lazydork.com. I don’t know how this guy does it, but he has a list of over a thousand movies and when to drink for each of them. For this guy every day is a drinking holiday! We owe much to his contribution to our liver problems. Some notable movies to get drunk to include: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, This is Spinal Tap, The Big Lebowski, Willow, and Fight Club.

Or if you’re more inclined to music you can check our Ten Best Drinking Songs for St. Patricks Day. Everytime they say the “drinking lyric” you DRINK! It’s tricky, but I think you can handle it.

I leave you with that. Now, go out there and drink to your heart’s content. Let’s make that liver fat. Maybe even get into a fight. It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Which film do you want to drink to?

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