in-the-loop1A trailer for the new Armando Iannucci flick In The Loop starring Steve Coogan, James Gandolfini, James Doherty, Peter Capaldi and more has just been released. This much anticipated, indie comedy is Iannucci film directorial debut, his background lies in the comic mastery of British television with such shows as “The Day Today” and “The Armando Iannuci.”

Below is an example of one of his TV shows (it’s absolutely hilarious) and the trailer for In the Loop

Here is a clip from “The Armando Iannuci:

The movie looks to be just as good. It is satirical look at the relations between Britain and the US. The movie is due out later this year and I can’t wait. Here’s a taste.

What do you think? Does the humor cross the pond?