freida_pinto_742017a1There are some speculations (mostly from the uncredible source TheSun) that Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionare) is being considered for the next Bond movie.

The only reason this is a possibility is because, Freida Pinto is a very attractive and sexy lady. As we have concluded in the past, The Sun is full of shit.

There is most likely no validity to this, but maybe if the build up enough hype it will come to be. I mean they are still holding to the idea that Danny Boyle is set to direct this new bond film even though he has denied any interest in it.

Story goes that she was considered for Quantum of Solace, but was thought to be too young at the time. Now, however, she is a big star and a couple years older. I think she would fit the role well but since we can’t know for sure, fans of hers can look forward to the upcoming Woody Allen film she will star in.

Would you like to see Freida Pinto in a new Bond movie?