It’s one thing to remake Batman, Iron Man, or something of that nature, but Journey to the Center of the Earth? I thought this movie bombed. In fact in my mind, it had! I was so sure of it that I actually went to check the numbers to prove to you that this movie had no right to have a sequel. I mean how could a movie that bad, make that much money (please don’t mention Paul Blart).

The numbers did not exactly support my opinion. It cost $60 million to make and made $240,648,578 worldwide. Well. That’s it. We can’t even have the quality argument with numbers like that. There will be a sequel. I will make a lot of money. It won’t be good. But will it have Brendan Fraser the one thing that made it almost bearable?

We don’t know yet.

Neither of the stars of the original film Brendan Fraser or Josh Hutcherson have signed onto the sequel as of yet, although Fraser did ride the Mummy train dry so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did the same here.

According to Variety:


The sequel’s based on Richard Outten‘s script “Mysterious Travels: The Lost Map of Treasure Island,” in which Prof. Trevor Anderson and his nephew embark on a journey to a mysterious island that was the subject of three classic novels (Jules Verne‘s “Mysterious Island,” Robert Louis Stevenson‘s “Treasure Island” and Jonathan Swift‘s “Gulliver’s Travels”).

I just don’t know what to say. I guess I’ll see you in line when they build a ride for it at Disneyland.

Is anyone out there actually excited for this film?