Who else saw “It” as a child and has been scared to death of clowns ever since? In 1990 ABC turned Stephen King;s novel it into a frightening (at least for a 8-year-old) miniseries and now, as much as I would like to leave this in the past, Warner Brothers has decided adapt Stephen King’s novel into a full fledged film.

They have asked Dave Kajganich (The Invasion) to write the screenplay which will be produced by Dan Lin and Vertigo’s Roy Lee and Doug Davison.

For those of you who don’t know the story, “It” centers on seven children in a small Maine town who confront the source of a series of murders in 1958 and again in 1985, when the cycle begins again. Only they know the real killer, a creepy clown that grabs hides in the gutters and tears you to shreds.

No one has mentioned casting yet, personally, I can’t think of anyone better than Tim Curry, who played “It” in the miniseries.

Who do you think should be the new creepy clown?

Source: Variety