20th Century Fox, is attempting to “invigorate slack DVD sales” by creating two classes of discs: “premium versions with added-value material such as digital copy for the sell-through market and stripped-down offerings for rental.”

Fox is they are losing too much money due to the fact that everyone rents and no one buys. That may be the case, but that doesn’t mean that you can force people into it! Especially when they’re starting this “new” idea on March 31st right before their two huge releases Marley & Me and Slumdog Millionaire. The rental DVD of Slumdog, will only have the movie and trailers, but the retail DVD will have special features including deleted scenes and commentaries.

Why would anyone want to take away from the quality of a DVD in order to make money? People are more likely to be pissed that they’re not getting their deleted scenes, commentaries and featurettes increase and just skip the film all together.

My question is what does this mean for Netflix? At the moment, when you rent a Netflix DVD it comes with the features, but what version will they be getting? I want my special features and I do not want to pay extra!

I understand that Foxes numbers are down and they’re trying to make it back, but do they really think that in a time when people are losing jobs left and right, and no one has any money for anything that forcing people to buy their DVDs is the answer? This is a renters world, where you need to be making things easier and cheaper for people, not more pricey and difficult.

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