Well, well! We saw some of the photos for this film months ago and finally after all this time we get the trailer for Sam Raimi’s horror flick, Drag Me to Hell. The film stars Alison Lohman, Justin Long, and a REALLY creepy old lady. Although Raimi is commonly associated with the Spiderman trilogy, his true roots are in horror; The Gift, Evil Dead I and II, and my favorite Army of Darkness. It’s about damn time he gave Spidy a break and got back to what he’s genuinely amazing at.

Check out his new trailer below…

Allison Lohman is an amazing, under-used actress, and it’s great to see her in another film even if it isn’t what I would expect to see her in. One thing is for sure, she really raises the bar for a horror film. They didn’t just go for some hot chick, but for something more. And Justin Long has been on an amazing acting streak as of late, so I’ll be interested to see him in something out of his usual range as well.

The Lohman-Long combo, mixed with Raimi’s ability to create something new from an extremely over-used genre, may make for an amazing film.

What do you think? Do you think this will be an amazing horror film or just another member of the blood-soaked, loud noise pack?