The fight to direct the second Twilight sequel, Eclipse is causing quite a stir in Hollywood. Seriously, everyone and their mom, dad, and dog are throwing their hat into the ring for this one. According to THR, Guillermo Del Toro ‘s protege Juan Antonio Bayona  has made the short list of potential directors to helm the film. This would be a perfect fit for the upcoming director who comes from the horror based camp of Del Toro.

Several people have been rumored to direct the final installment of the Twilight franchise including Drew Barrymore and James Mangold. In typical corporate fashion the studio refuses to give any confirmation or denial regarding the rumors. A rep for the film’s producers would only state that their looking at a number of candidates. In other words, they’re not telling us squat.

Bayona is a 33 year old Spanish director, who’s best know as J.A. Bayona. He made waves in 2007 with his film The Orphanage, which was produced by mentor Guillermo Del Toro. Bayona’s disturbing vision and horror background might be what Eclipse needs to keep it from being too “pop.” Whenever handling dark material it’s easy to border on campy as a franchise grows. Going from Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen), to Chris Wietz (The Golden Compass), to Bayona would be an improvement in my book.

Do you think Bayona’s a good candidate to direct Eclipse?