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Role Models

Starring: Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott

It’s very strange.In a comedy world that seems to be owned by Judd Apatow and his merry band of pranksters somehow they combine to make their funniest movie yet and nobody noticed.

Such was the fate of Role Models, which debuted in October of last year with a better story and more laughs than any movie yet made by anybody associated with Judd-the-Great.Reviews were good, box office was okay, but that was about it.Just as quickly as it brought audiences to uproarious laughter it was forgotten by just about everybody.

It could be that it suffered from “The Golden Age Simpsons Syndrome”.That is, a movie, or television show, is so funny that you quickly forgot you even saw it.The name originates from countless Monday cafeteria conversations when “The Simpsons” was at it peak, when people would gather round and say, “Did you see ‘The Simpsons’ last night?”“Yeah, it was great!What was it about again?”

Nobody remembers because they were laughing so hard.Because the lack of oxygen to their brain caused by the guffawing must have damaged memory cells.This condition occurs presently with “30 Rock” and some episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”. Apparently, it can also apply to Role Models because there’s no other logical reason why this isn’t a comedy classic.

So keep your memories intact and Buy The DVD!



Starring: Sean Penn, James Franco, Josh Brolin and Emile Hirsch

Oscar DVD season starts early this year as Milk hits shelves just a couple weeks after it won Best Actor and Best Screenplay at the ceremony.

Seems kind of strange though.Why didn’t the studio try to make some more money in theaters with this film?  Slumdog was fourth at the box office this week, riding very high from the Oscar boost, and Milk was the second-most honored film at the Academy Awards, and it gets dumped on shelves the second week of March?

It really shows the sad state of “prestige pictures” these days.A movie that gets nominated for boatloads of awards and takes home two of the seven major Oscars never even expands into a wide release.People in Topeka never get to see Milk on the big screen.Juneau, Alaska is still waiting to see the best film nominated for Best Picture this year.Theater owners in Laredo, Texas probably never even bothered to put up a poster.Why is this?Why don’t studios trust audiences enough to go see good films once in a while?

Well, at least now everybody can see if they buy the DVD.



“Cracker”: The Complete Series

You can be pretty certain that this classic British series will soon be remade, but this DVD Set is your chance to catch “Cracker” before it gets watered down.

Fans of “The Shield” will love its anti-hero main character.Fans of “Law & Order” will dig the “ripped from the headlines” approach the writers took to several episodes.Fans of great TV will simply enjoy a rattling good yard in which Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter movies) portrays a criminal psychologist encountering several types of psychotic criminals while wrestling with his own demons.

So take a step away from the standard US TV fare with this 3-disc DVD Set.




Primal Fear: Hard Evidence Edition

Starring: Edward Norton, Richard Gere, Frances McDormand and Laura Linney

There are many reasons this film deserves a special edition.It’s the screen debut of one Edward Norton who notched a Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination for his efforts.It has an incredible cast from top-to-bottom, and is an excellent thriller to boot?

So what took so long?Why did fans have to suffer with a bare-bones edition for the last ten years?

It seems like it was worth the wait; however, as this DVD is loaded with features. These include a look at the casting of the then-unknown Edward Norton in the pivotal role.Another featurette documents the success rate of the insanity plea, and yet a third featurette is a retrospective of the film.Plus, there’s a director’s commentary and the trailer.

Still, what took so long?


  • Pinocchio: 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition – Buy Now
  • Howard the DuckBuy Now
  • Escape to Witch Mountain: Special Edition – Buy Now
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Special Edition – Buy Now
  • The Miracle Worker: 30th Anniversary Edition – Buy Now


The Casino Job

This movie’s plot is very simple: Strippers Rob a Casino.

Do we need any other reasons why this takes the HSTDROTW title?Didn’t think so.But, there’s also a wrinkle in the plan.One of the quartet of strippers may or may not betray the rest of her clothesless clan, and if you can’t trust a stripper, really who can you trust?

Buy the DVD.