The only thing that even slightly intrigues me about the new International trailer (which is not that different from the first one) for State of Play is whether or not Helen Mirren is saying “who she knew” or “who she blew”? Because it sure as hell sounds like the latter to me and changes my entire opinion.

Overall, the music, the lines, everything in the trailer says this film is a bust. It should have everything going for it. It has an amazing cast (although the first one was pretty amazing as well) including Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, and Russel Crowe. The original was well written and extremely will received by fans. It has a built in audience that is sitting there waiting to buy a ticket. Hell, I’m their target audience and after watching this all I see is a cheesy, made for TV suspenseful drama. I’m going to try not to judge a movie by it’s trailer and keep some hope alive for the film, although right now all I can think is that they should have left it as it was.

Check out the trailer below…

What do you think? Are you excited to see this in the theaters? Or will you be downloading it from the comfort of your own couch?

Thanks again to TrailerAddict for the HD trailer!