southpark-ad-3909We’re back with the 2 lucky winners of our South Park Complete 12th Season on DVD giveaway! We asked you to tell us which “celebrity appearance” on the show you liked the most and why.  That’s all you had to do. So without further ado…


  • Shaun: I have to say that the Obama appearance was just flat out comedy. It was very funny and the perfect timing for the episode while all the election coverage was going on!
  • Ann: good call on conan o brien from the movie. my favorite appearance would probably be radiohead (an actual celebrity appearance and not just a “celebrity appearance”). whether you love or hate this band, you have to admit that they were incorporated into the plot brilliantly…. classic episode!

Again, congrats to both of you. An e-mail has been sent to you both, so please respond ASAP with an address and we’ll get these DVDs out to you!

Stay tuned for more cool tv show giveaways!