With a nice shiny Oscar to add to his trophy case and several movies including a Three Stooges flick in the works, Sean Penn is really milking his recent success (okay- that was bad). But Penn is in talks for several more big screeners, including Cartel, a new drama scripted by Peter Craig from Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment. The Milk-man himself is in talks to star as Ed Marker as he travels to protect his son after his wife is tragically murdered in an incident with Mexican cartels.

The film, which is expected to begin production by summer, is a remake of 1993 Italian film La scorta, which revolves around a clash between mob bosses and four cops as they attempt to protect a prosecutor.

It’s reassuring to see that Universal and Imagine are trying to create a poignant tale that is relevant to the current out-of-control murders that have taken place in Mexico by remaking an old film with recent events. Too bad they couldn’t come up with any new ideas, but at least the message is still there.

Penn seems to have a thing for suspenseful dramas because (aside from The Three Stooges), he is also in discussions to co-star with Naomi Watts in director Doug Liman’s Fair Game, which tells the story of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

Which upcoming Sean Penn film seems most likely to succeed?