Recently over at LatinoReview a reader wrote in that Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood”) was having lunch with Kenneth Branagh and suddenly EVERYONE thinks that Skarsgard is set to be in Thor. After all, he’s a tall blond guy, he must be starring in the film!

Come on people. It should take a little more than a silly e-mail to get you going. Check out the e-mail below…

Long time reader, finally with something juicy. I had a first hand eyeball witness of Kenneth Branagh eating dinner at Blairs today accompanied by a young Blonde actor who I recognized from HBO’s awesome miniseries Generation Kill that was on a year or so ago. I had no idea what his name was but I got home today and Googled him, his name is Alexander Skarsgård. I have no idea if he actually is Thor or not, maybe he’s being considered, maybe he and Kenneth are just friends. However, it seems likely he is being considered since he’s a young Blonde actor and seems to fit the description of the character. Two other men were with them but I didn’t recognize either of them. I know it’s speculative at best, even so I thought you’d wanna know

Personally, I think this is all just hot smoke. Although Skargard has had a few recent successes, they’re not giving him the lead role. They’re going to pack this thing with actors who will garuntee a big box office.

I’ll get back to you when there is something, anything real report.