We’ve got the three lucky winners from our Pinocchio on Blu-Ray DVD giveaway! We gave readers a chance to tell us a whale of a tale (none of you seemed to have too much trouble coming up with one) and we’ve come up with our winners!


  • Mike: The first time I got drunk one summer in High School, I had a wicked hangover got sick, there was no way I could go to to my summer job so I had to tell my parents and boss that I ate some bad chili from Wendy’s the night before and that was why I couldn’t got to work.
  • Steve: I told my wife I never cheated on her.
  • Brian: I got drunk one night in high school and ran my brand new (parentaly purchased) car into a tree, knocking off my entire bumper. I told my mom I hit a giant dog. I just had my 10 year high school reunion: my mom still talks about the giant dog that almost killed me.

We bet their noses grew a little longer after those fibs! An e-mail has been sent to you, so please respond to it ASAP with your address and we will get it shipped to you!

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