Summit Entertainment officially broke the news that Dakota Fanning will play Jane in the Twilight sequel, New Moon. We along with several other sources have been reporting this for a while now, so its good to see the cats finally out of the bag. Fanning recently spoke to MTV about her latest role and the 15 year old actress is more than happy about working with the film’s leading man Robert Pattinson.  She described him as “very, very cute.” Spoken like a true teenager. Check out more on her Jane character after the jump.

Jane is a vampire that belongs to the Volturi clan. They’re a group of Italian bloodsuckers that according to Empire, are ”immortal peacekeepers that protect the secret of vampirism.” Jane herself is described as being “child-like”, with “the the ability to create illusions of pain. ” This is an obvious dark turn for Fanning, who is more than excited about getting the chance to play a bad girl.

“The part that I play gets to interact with a lot of the characters, so that would be cool,” Fanning added. “[The Volturi] are kind of mean. I think it would be definitely a different part than I’ve ever played — and I’d get to be a little evil for once.”

This role along with Fanning’s recent casting in the punk rock biopic, The Runaways will keep the actress relevant in Hollywood for another couple of years. Its good to see a child actress maturing in her roles, and not getting stuck with only playing certain parts. Some people have been against her involvement with New Moon, sighting that the cast should stay filled with unknowns. I can understand how fans might be frustrated, but I’m on the fence. I’m interested in seeing how she interprets the character to make it her own.

What do you think about Dakota Fanning being cast as Jane in New Moon?