Hong Kong legend Chow Yun-Fat is taking a step outside of his comfort zone to star in a role that will focus on his acting instead of his acrobatics. According to Screen Daily, Yun-Fat has been confirmed to star in the biopic of Chinese philosopher Confucius. The drama will be co-produced by the Beijing based company Dadi Century Film and China Film Group Corporation. The actor will be joined by Chen Daoming as Lao Zi, another Chinese philosopher and the founder of Taoism.

Confucius is to Chinese culture what Gandhi is to Indian, and we all know what happened when someone played Gandhi. They won an Oscar. I wonder if this could be the role that crosses Yun-Fat over to the mainstream actor that he deserves to be. He did star in the sweeping drama Anna and the King, but his performance went unnoticed.

For the most part Jackie Chan and Jet-Li have dominated the American martial arts market, with Yun-Fat coming in for an occasional rumble. Unfortunately, those actors have never been able to break free from their action genre molds. Perhaps, this is the area that Yun-Fat can excel where the others could not.

What do you think of Chow Yun-Fat being cast as Confucius?