If there’s was one person in Hollywood you could choose to train you in a technique of martial arts who would it be? I’d go for Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or Jason Statham, but director Gavin O’Connor prefers his mentors more on the weathered side. According to FirstShowing, O’Connor has cast Nick Nolte as the lead in his MMA centered film, Warrior. Nolte will play “an ex-Vietnam vet boxer-turned-steel mill worker whose family was torn apart by his alcoholism.” Sounds like a role he was born to play.

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Nolte’s character is the father of two sons, both of whom he neglects when his life becomes consumed by alcohol. Once he gets sober and cleans up his act he and his youngest son (Tom Hardy) bond over mixed martial arts. He ends up training him to compete in an MMA tournament with the opponent being non other than his estranged older son (Joel Edgerton). Dun, dun, dun! O’Connor pulls double duty as director and co-writer of the film along with screenwriter Anthony Tambakis.

O’Connors last film was the Edward Norton, Colin Farrell cop drama Pride and Glory. Nick Nolte was last seen in the comedy hit Tropic Thunder, which was directed by Ben Stiller.

Am I excited about this film? I honestly don’t know. For some odd reason when I read that Nolte’s character was training someone to compete in an MMA tournament my mind went straight to Never Back Down. Is that bad?

Are you interested in seeing Nick Nolte train his son to kick some ass?