The latest project for America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts, has the Oscar winning actress getting in touch with her spiritual side. Well, maybe it’s not that spiritual, but the name sure implies it. According to THR, Roberts will star in the new comedy Jesus Henry Christ. The film is based on the award winning short of the same name by Dennis Lee. Roberts and Lee previously worked together on his directorial debut Fireflies in the Garden.

Jesus H. Christ follows the story of a boy named Henry James Hermin. A child who has the unfortunate luck of being conceived in a petri-dish. He’s raised in a loving home by a strong-minded left wing feminist, but at the age of 10 decides she’s not enough. He embarks on a journey to find his biological father by following a trail of Post-it notes stuck around town.

Lee is writing a new script for the film and will also serve as its director. Roberts will produce the project via her Red Om Films banner, but at the moment her role is strictly behind the scenes. She is not attached to star.

What do you think? Another “finding God” picture or a just a funnt name for an interesting film?