Time for a sweet, heart-warming film starring Michael Caine as a retired magician. What more do you need? Seriously? He’s one of the greatest actors of our time who has been in top grossing, well respected films for over 50 years. He’s also paired with the one of the most angelic and talented child actors out there, Bill Milner, who was in one of my favorite movies of the past decade, Son of Rambow.

I’ll shut up and let you see what I’m talking about…

Director John Crowley wants to make you cry. It’s true. But it looks like fun!

Sorry for the blank spaces. I got the trailer from and they said: “The blank black spaces in the trailer are spots where text is supposed to be, but for some odd reason, it never shows up.” So sorry about that! Maybe we’ll be able to update it soon.

All I can say is please don’t let him die at the end. Please!!!!

What do you think? You ready for a some emotional, magical Michael Caine?