Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors so when I came across this story I just had to write something. According to Variety, Damon is set to star in an upcoming sci-fi, love story that will be directed by George Nolfi. I can’t remember Damon being in any sort of science fiction film before this, but there’s a first time for everything. The film is entitled, The Adjustment Bureau and is “loosely” based on a story by Philip K. Dick.

In The Adjustment Bureau, Damon will play a smooth talking congressman who has a serious future in national politics. He meets a beautiful ballerina, but is unable to make a connection with her due to strange and uncontrollable circumstances.

George Nolfi will not only direct, but he’ll co-produce the film alongside Chris Moore, Michael Hackett and Bill Carraro. Production is slated to begin this fall in September. Bureau is a sweet business deal for Damon, the original offer sheet for the film states that the actor will receive a 20% first-dollar- gross back end deal. If this movie’s a commercial success along the lines of the Bourne Trilogy, think of the profit he’ll make. Smart move!

Speaking of Bourne, Nolfi wrote the script for the Bourne Ultimatum and is on board to write the fourth installment, which will be directed by Paul Greengrass. Both films are being distributed by Universal.

Are you ready to see Matt Damon in a sci-fi, romance?