Mark Wahlberg

In news that should warm the hearts of budding screenwriters everywhere, one of the most talked about scripts in Hollywood right now comes from a writer who, until very recently, nobody had even heard of.  Brooklyn native Aaron Guzikowski signed with the Endeavor talent agency just two weeks ago.  Now, his screenplay for a film entitled Prisoners has attracted the attention of nearly every major studio in Hollywood and has already drawn a commitment from at least one major star.

Mark Wahlberg, who is also represented by Endeavor, attached himself to the script shortly after Guzikowski signed the deal.  The Prisoners story involves a Boston man (makes sense) whose daughter is kidnapped.  He seeks revenge, awesomely, by kidnapping the man responsible.  Hell, I already want to see it!

As for Guzikowski, he was apparently noticed by Madhouse Entertainment two years ago.  Since that time, they have been working to develop the script and will be producing the film.  The two years worth of work seems to have paid off, as several studios have been working to get the rights to the film for the past few days.  For the time being, Endeavor is holding off on making a sale until they can find a director for the project.

Source: Yahoo News

Are you budding screenwriter?  If so, does this news give you hope or just make you burn with jealousy and contempt?  More importantly, how will Wahlberg possibly pull of a role that requires him to appear to be from Boston?  Relax, that last question is a joke.