You may have heard the noise surrounding Kevin Smith’s upcoming  studio film entitled A Couple of Dick’s. I liked that title but it is no longer with us. Even though it’s an obvious play on words, the film is now being called A Couple of Cops. Boo!!! Smith will direct Bruce Willis and 30 Rock alumni Tracy Morgan as the two leads. It looks as if their sticking to that odd couple format. I can already see Morgan as the wild and obnoxious wild card, while Willis will be the veteran who does everything by the book. Oh, the jokes that will ensue!

According to Variety, Marc Platt is producing the film with a screenplay written by Robb and Marc Cullen. The story will center around two detectives who are on the hunt for a stolen baseball card, and end up getting involved in a whole heap of trouble. They get mixed up with drug laundering, gangsters and a Mexican beauty. When the film was previously in development at Gold Circle, Robin Williams and James Gandolfini were attached to star. What a difference a studio can make.

I like Kevin Smith, but there are a couple of things he’s done that I would definitely consider “suspect.” I’m sure he won’t turn this into another Hollywood Homicide. That, I just could NOT take!

Are you interested in the Smith, Willis, Morgan collaboration?