Another novel that’s barely seen the light of day has already got a film adaptation in the works. According to Variety, Scott Rudin and Miramax Films have recently acquired the rights to The Believers. The novel was written by Zoe Heller and was just published this week. Rudin has worked on a ridiculous amount of films, but you may know him for 2007′s No Country for Old Men. He won the Best Picture Oscar along with The Coen Brothers for their production of the western .

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The story centers on a dysfunctional family in New York, whose patriarch is left in a coma after he suffers a stroke. Due to his health each family member is forced to reflect on the current status of their lives.The script for Believers will be written by Patrick Marber, who penned the script for the Cate Blanchett drama Notes on a Scandal. Rudin and Marber previously worked together in 2004 on the Mike Nichols film Closer.

Exactly how many movies can be made about a dysfunctional family that comes together after one of it’s elders is injured or dies? I’m not particularly interested in this one. I need more information.

Are you excited about the latest “dysfunctional family” film?