Warner Bros. has launched what they’re calling “6 Minutes to Midnight” what I call “another online distraction to drive me mad!”

What it is, is a series of Rorschach tests administered to you by Rorschach himself after he gives you a little sneak-peek at his life. Every time you get one of the images right you unlock new footage from Watchmen, up to 10 minutes in total. Every time you get one wrong, Rorschach insults you. It’s fun! Almost every character makes an appearance and we get Rorschach’s perspective of them. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but it’s always something new.

For the most part they’re really easy to unlock, but I am stuck on the last one! Someone unlock it and tell me, please! I’m pretty sure it has to do with Dr. Manhattan but I don’t know what the shape is! I know it’s not a “drumstick” or a “windmill,” but that’s all the help I can give you!

Check out 6 Minutes to Midnight and tell we what the last image is!