When was the last time you saw Mark Wahlberg in a comedy? Recently, his resume has been filled with nothing but dramas and horror flicks, or in the case of The Happening a combination of both (a horrific drama). It’s time for a change and I think Mr. Wahlberg is ready to take a walk on the “B” side. According to Variety, the actor will team up with funny man Will Ferrell to star in an action comedy entitled, The B Team.

The B team is a comedy that has been bought by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It’s a bit awkward having this film in development when we know for a fact that The A-Team is in the works. No release date has been set for B Team, but the studio wants to start production as soon as the screenplay is ready. The film has familiar Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay attached to direct and co-write the script with Chris Henchy.

I know that a lot of noise is being made about this being a big leap for Wahlberg, but this isn’t his first comedy. Are we blocking out 1998′s The Big Hit? I still have that movie on VHS. It was an action comedy that starred Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Philips, Bokeem Woodbine, and Antonio Sabato, Jr. It exists people. The truth is out there.

Whose ready to laugh at/with Wahlberg?