Thanks a lot, everybody. By making Friday the 13th a record breaking number one hit a sequel is already in the works. According to THR, New Line and Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes are moving forward with another installment of the already established slasher franchise. The film will be written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who penned the script for the first film. I’m so excited (not really).

What I find interesting is that sources refuse to call the next movie a sequel, instead it’s a “follow up.”  What?! We’re being subjected to bad wordplay now? All the information that’s been leaked about this project sounds vague and unimpressive. For example, “the new picture is expected to use elements of the original franchise more as a jumping-off point than as a template.” What does that mean exactly? Didn’t the last one do that too? This isn’t headline news.

As for the cast, survivors Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti are on shaky ground. Both are regulars on the hit TV shows Supernatural and The Mentalist. Executives fear that the up and coming actors wont be available for another round. I don’t know why getting Padelecki would be an issue, he was in the House of Wax remake. I’ll never let him live that down. I think he’d sign on for this in a heartbeat!

Sources ”caution” us not to get too excited about the next film, because it hasn’t been officially green-lit. Apparently, Platinum Dunes is concentrating on their Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. Oh, goody!

Are you ready for a sequel to Friday the 13th?